About CE-Crocker

Serving agriculture for over 90 years

The Crocker Family has been serving Western New York Agriculture since 1930. Our corporate office is now located at our Stafford, NY facility and we also continue to operate our LeRoy, NY cornmeal facility, and our most recent acquisition in Pavilion, NY.

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LeRoy Facility
All incoming dry whole corn and outgoing fine ground cornmeal is received and shipped through the LeRoy facility. 

CE-Crocker aerial view LeRoy Facility

Corn meal plant The corn meal plant: license #185223

Load-out is fast & easy with our overhead storage bins!

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Stafford Facility

Our main location in Stafford, NY is located at 8610 Route 237, one mile north of Route 5. It is now home to our new office, housing salesmen, office personnel, and dispatch. We also custom-blend liquid and dry bulk fertilizer at this plant; we have bulk crop protection products, as well as packaged products.

Our application equipment is housed and cared for at this location. Liquid sprayers, dry fertilizer air flow rigs, spreader trucks, and lime spreader trucks are all stored in Stafford, where they can easily be serviced in our large, modern shop. Seed is warehoused in Stafford, and soybeans are treated and inoculated there, as well.

CE-Crocker Stafford aerial Stafford Facility

Rail service is available in the village of LeRoy at two sidings, as well as at the Pavilion Plant

Pavilion Facility

CE-Crocker Pavilion aerial

Our most recent acquisition is the former Jeffres Ag Service. This location has a long history of serving agriculture‚ÄĒfirst, as a mill and then as a retail fertilizer plant. Located on Route 63, at the intersection with the railroad tracks, just west of Route 19. This location has its own railroad siding, which allows us to receive product by rail or truck.

This facility custom blends dry and liquid fertilizer and carries a complete line of seeds and inoculants, custom blends organic fertilizer, and also offers custom application of dry fertilizer, liquid nitrogen, Ag lime, and crop protection products.

Why use CEC?

  • A full-service agribusiness
  • CEC not only sells crop inputs and applies the inputs, but will also buy back your harvested corn crop
  • Family operated business for over 90 years (3 generations)
  • Owner is actively involved in daily business and customer interaction
  • Continued growth and investment in capital improvements to ensure long term customer relationships
  • Excellent customer service from a diverse, experienced staff
  • Custom fertilizer blending to conform to your specific needs
  • Excellent Quality Control
  • Timely service and delivery
  • Super fast load time for corn meal. Less than 10 minutes for 30 tons!
  • Corn meal deliveries with dump trailers or augered into your barn or bin
  • You can purchase our corn meal or we can exchange your corn for corn meal
  • Corn meal emergency delivery service 7 days a week
  • Great Prices!!